The best future for our kids

10 September, 2018 (10:46) | Perth News | By: Laure Brittani

Raising our children is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. However, it is also one of life’s greatest challenges that present a host of potential pitfalls. It’s no wonder why a lot of future parents read books and articles on how to do it before their child is even born.

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Raising your kids

Of course, there are no fast and easy rules to raising children. Keep in mind that what works for some parents won’t necessarily work for you. However, there are some things you can do that will help make your job as a parent – they can help in raising your kid into a healthy, mindful and happy adult.

Most experts agree on this – teaching kids the value of gratitude is one of the best ways to raise them into a happy adult. Parents have to teach their young children to say please and thank you as early as possible. Moreover, teach them eye contact, a proper handshake, affection and appreciation for the kind and generous things that are said and given to them.

Another way to raising happy children is by teaching them the value of altruism. You can donate your old clothes and toys to your neighbours or anyone who are in need and have your kids be a part of that process. Do this regularly as a family and sort through, package and deliver the goods together so the kids really see where their things are going. Do this not just on holidays but as often as possible.

You should also practice saying no to them. Practice delayed gratification and simply not always giving your children what they want, even if you can easily afford it. This will help them understand the importance of saving and the value of sacrificing immediate pleasures for bigger rewards.

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Perth businessmen jailed over bogus Kleenheat Gas radio commercials

5 June, 2018 (11:26) | Perth News | By: Laure Brittani

Normally, new entrepreneurs are full of excitement and enthusiasm when starting their new business. You have great ideas, researched well, full of optimism and have just registered your business name in order to get started and then hope to eventually grow your business. But for new business owners, these things are not the only ones that you need in order to survive these days. You also know how to detect scams and what to do about it in order to prevent losing a lot of money.

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Nowadays, there are more Western Australian small business owners finding themselves being scammed by clever advertisement schemes and con artists. Of course, funding a business is tough to achieve especially that it is difficult to meet the loan requirements and demands from banks nowadays. Thus, it is important you to be prepared for some of the most well known scams, so you won’t be taken in by something that sounds too good to be true.

One of the most common scams that are being utilised by criminals today is the guaranteed loans. Criminals know how difficult it is to get a loan approved, so they target business owners and offer loans that are require less papers, effort and time. However, what they are actually targeting are your personal information and “insurance fee” before actually having a deal. Once the payment has been complete, they won’t show up anymore.

Another common type of scam is the advertising scam. You may find some advertisement schemes out there geared towards no hassle business funding. Many times they will offer you free service or memberships, although you still must give them your credit card number. Once they have your credit card number they can start charging you fees after the free membership period have expired.

In Perth, one form of advertising scam has been reported just recently – bogus radio commercial. Full story right here:

Marketing Moments – First Impressions

27 July, 2017 (16:02) | Business News Perth | By: Laure Brittani

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If you are a business, you probably already know that first impression is everything especially to new and small business owners. Of course, most of our customers make majority of their judgements in a snap judgement.

You might not realise it, but when you visit a shop or a business premise, within minutes you will have both decided whether you like the business, whether you buy their product/service or whether and whether you could work with them.

First impression in business can dictate whether or not you end up getting clients and customers that is why it is incredibly important. It can dictate whether or not you end up getting clients and customers In that snap judgement. Thus, it means that you can lose a lot of money or career potential within seconds and it will be incredibly difficult to try and change opinions after this point.

In life, it is not nice to judge a book by its cover. In business however, the way you, your employees, and place look will also have a big impact on the unconscious ways that your potential clients see you, even though it probably shouldn’t. You should certainly put effort into your appearance as this will suggest you care about the encounter and that you know how to look professional and present yourself well.

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How Leaders Shape Company Culture

5 May, 2017 (17:22) | Business News Perth | By: Laure Brittani

What is company culture? It is a system of shared values and attitudes that focus on how work gets done and how people and materials are affected in a business organisation.

As a business owner, you should know that company culture can either attract or repel those whom you need the most to build a prosperous business.

Most business individuals would agree that business is about people, as in customers, suppliers, lenders, investors, and employees. In order to attract the most talented employees and the most profitable customers, your company’s culture has a large impact on your success.

On the other hand, your company culture is crucial. It has a major effect to organisational performance whether it is defined in terms of customer satisfaction, attendance, safety, or productivity. A strong company culture aligns your entire company with its shared set of goals and objectives. It also simultaneously empowers employees to make decisions in their areas of responsibility.

In order for your company to grow and prosper, a company culture must be created. It will clarify your identity, your values, and your beliefs. A culture must also be created so that your organisation is able to not only attract quality people, but also (and even more importantly) to keep them.

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Insurance: Storms, floods & fires

16 January, 2017 (10:19) | Business News Perth | By: Laure Brittani

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All businesses face different uncertainties and risks. Sadly, many of them are unable to cope up with the loss of income and often results to closure of their operations because of these risks. They face risks of natural calamities such as storms, floods or earthquake, fire, and so on. They also face man-made risks like vandalism, etc. Therefore, to protect their businesses from risks, business owners should consider purchasing business insurance particularly Business Interruption Insurance or also known as BII.

There are many risks that are associated with business interruption such as property damage, equipment break down, fire, flood, theft and any unforeseen risk that your business is not prepared for. During such calamities, your business is forced to shut down temporarily. This leads to huge financial loss and loss of profit.

Business Interruption Insurance is important as it softens the effect of the loss due to the natural disaster. Having your home or business building devastated by a natural disaster is so painful. But when you are covered by insurance, your burden is lessened. Apart from being a smart decision, buying insurance is also a requirement by lending institutions.

Over the last few years, there have been many serious floods, fires, cyclones and storms in Australia and many people have found out too late that they did not have enough insurance cover on their home.

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To grow or not to grow: What’s holding you back?

7 December, 2016 (14:00) | Business News Perth | By: Laure Brittani


Starting a business is exciting particularly when you think about the visions of freedom, money, and all the perks of owning a successful business. The excitement propels us into goal setting sessions, online research for blogs and websites platforms.

Our excitement also brings us to reading stories of other successful entrepreneurs that started out with the bare bones as we will. These stories tell tales of success and money out there just waiting for us if we would just believe. The reality is, yes the business is out there for the taking, but it will take a lot of hard work and patience to reach the level of freedom, perks and money that we dream and read about.

Growing a business however is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you have reached your target sales and profit, there are other factors to consider before you expand. You will need a business plan to lay out your mission, your financial leap required, how you will market the business, future growth, etc. because if you leap before looking to see how you might land, you’ll be bouncing all over the place.

On the other hand, there are some businesses that really want to grow that some factors hold them back. What are these factors? How can we overcome them?

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How Leaders Shape Company Culture