How Leaders Shape Company Culture

5 May, 2017 (17:22) | Business News Perth | By: Laure Brittani

What is company culture? It is a system of shared values and attitudes that focus on how work gets done and how people and materials are affected in a business organisation.

As a business owner, you should know that company culture can either attract or repel those whom you need the most to build a prosperous business.

Most business individuals would agree that business is about people, as in customers, suppliers, lenders, investors, and employees. In order to attract the most talented employees and the most profitable customers, your company’s culture has a large impact on your success.

On the other hand, your company culture is crucial. It has a major effect to organisational performance whether it is defined in terms of customer satisfaction, attendance, safety, or productivity. A strong company culture aligns your entire company with its shared set of goals and objectives. It also simultaneously empowers employees to make decisions in their areas of responsibility.

In order for your company to grow and prosper, a company culture must be created. It will clarify your identity, your values, and your beliefs. A culture must also be created so that your organisation is able to not only attract quality people, but also (and even more importantly) to keep them.

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