Perth businessmen jailed over bogus Kleenheat Gas radio commercials

5 June, 2018 (11:26) | Perth News | By: Laure Brittani

Normally, new entrepreneurs are full of excitement and enthusiasm when starting their new business. You have great ideas, researched well, full of optimism and have just registered your business name in order to get started and then hope to eventually grow your business. But for new business owners, these things are not the only ones that you need in order to survive these days. You also know how to detect scams and what to do about it in order to prevent losing a lot of money.

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Nowadays, there are more Western Australian small business owners finding themselves being scammed by clever advertisement schemes and con artists. Of course, funding a business is tough to achieve especially that it is difficult to meet the loan requirements and demands from banks nowadays. Thus, it is important you to be prepared for some of the most well known scams, so you won’t be taken in by something that sounds too good to be true.

One of the most common scams that are being utilised by criminals today is the guaranteed loans. Criminals know how difficult it is to get a loan approved, so they target business owners and offer loans that are require less papers, effort and time. However, what they are actually targeting are your personal information and “insurance fee” before actually having a deal. Once the payment has been complete, they won’t show up anymore.

Another common type of scam is the advertising scam. You may find some advertisement schemes out there geared towards no hassle business funding. Many times they will offer you free service or memberships, although you still must give them your credit card number. Once they have your credit card number they can start charging you fees after the free membership period have expired.

In Perth, one form of advertising scam has been reported just recently – bogus radio commercial. Full story right here: